Shenzhen 2 edges electronics Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen 2 edges electronics ltd Co, was founded in 2015, We devote to develop creative product to meet marketing and customer's demand, provide differentiation integrated solution for different customer. Dig into this field , obtain plenty of famous brand customer support, which was the foundation that we can provide high quality product and service.

Motor was the core component of all kinds of equipment, including permanent magnet DC motor, brushless DC motor, reducer, coreless motor , micro-cylinder motor and coin motor , step motor, liner, driver and high quality controller etc. products are widely used in automotive , motor, new energy , electronics & electronical, project machine, rail transit, aircraft, Aerospace, shipping and metallurgy industries etc. through continuous innovation and accumulation , improve our product to make it more close to customer's demand, we're the leader in China industry adhesive field, we're the adhesive export in machine manufacture, assembly and maintenance, successfully to help our customer to optimize their industry technology , Improve product quality and production efficiency, reduce cost , provide the solution and service to prolong their equipment life ,we're their reliable partner.